15 Small Business Ideas under 50000 in India 2023


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to venture into the world of small businesses in India? You don’t need a massive investment to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey. In this beginner’s guide, we have compiled 15 small business ideas that require less than 50,000 INR to start. These budget-friendly options cover a wide range of industries and are perfect for individuals with limited resources. Let’s explore these business opportunities and find the perfect one for you!

Pickle-Making Business

pickle making business

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Pickle making is a traditional and evergreen small business idea in India. With regional variations and unique flavors, you can cater to a wide audience. Start by creating a variety of pickles using locally-sourced ingredients and explore online platforms to reach a larger customer base. Transitioning from a home-based operation to a small-scale manufacturing unit is an excellent progression to scale your business.

Delve into the history and cultural significance of pickles in India. Explain how this business idea taps into the nation’s love for relishing tangy and spicy delights. Highlight the profit margin potential and the scope for expansion through product diversification.

Handmade Clothes

handmade clothes

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Start a handmade clothes company if you have an eye for style and originality. Focus on specialized markets such as children’s clothing, ethnic wear, or sustainable fashion as you design and sew fashionable attire from budget-friendly materials. Social networking sites may be an effective tool for showcasing your work and drawing clients.

Highlight the expanding market in India for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted clothes. Describe the process of making specialized clothing and how it could be personalized to suit different tastes. Mention the internet marketing tactics and influencer partnerships that have been used to increase sales.

Section 3: Handmade Sweets Business

India’s passion for sweets offers a promising market for handcrafted sweets. Use genuine recipes to make delicious desserts such as barfis, ladoos, and more. Targeting festivals and special events, package them attractively, and investigate physical as well as internet marketplaces.

Explain to readers the significance of Indian sweets in terms of emotion and the complex culture that surrounds them. Describe how a handcrafted candy shop may provide clients with a personalized touch and a sense of nostalgia. Share the business success tales of other entrepreneurs who entered this industry with little capital.

Online Grocery Business

online grocery business

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India’s online grocery market is flourishing, offering potential company owners a profitable opportunity. In order to acquire items and provide a comfortable shopping experience through a user-friendly website or app, team up with neighborhood suppliers and grocery stores.

Describe to clients the advantages of online grocery shopping for convenience and time savings. Provide step-by-step instructions for creating an online grocery shop, including partnerships with regional suppliers, a dependable delivery system, and the use of secure payment gateways.

Tiffin Business

With an urban way of life, many individuals are searching for homemade meals at some point in the day. Start a tiffin commercial enterprise supplying scrumptious and hygienic snacks to workplaces and houses. Emphasize variety and customization to draw dependable customers.

Describe the capacity market for tiffin services in corporate places of work, faculties, and home areas. Discuss the importance of maintaining food exceptional and range to maintain customers. Provide effective logistics and packaging recommendations to enhance customer revel.

Handmade Jewelry

handmade jewelry

If you are creative, consider starting a handcrafted jewelry business. Utilise inexpensive materials like beads, clay, or wire to create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching items. Offer your products for sale on social media, online marketplaces, or at craft fairs.

If you are creative, consider starting a handcrafted jewelry business. Utilise inexpensive materials like beads, clay, or wire to create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching items. Offer your products for sale on social media, online marketplaces, or at craft fairs.

Cooking Classes

Share your ardor for cooking by starting a cooking magnificence commercial enterprise. Conduct workshops on popular cuisines, baking, or specialized diets. Promote your training through social media and collaborate with nearby occasion organizers to draw contributors.

Elaborate on the growing interest in cooking and the choice for learning new culinary talents. Describe the capability target audience, such as hobbyists, running experts, and homemakers. Provide insights into organizing a hit cooking workshop and the use of client remarks to enhance services.

Honey Making Business

honey making business

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Beekeeping and honey production can be a rewarding small commercial enterprise idea. Invest in beehives and a system to harvest honey. Besides selling raw honey, recollect generating fee-delivered products like honey-infused skincare gadgets.

Educate readers on the health benefits of honey and the marketplace potential for natural, domestically-sourced honey products. Explain the system of putting in a beekeeping task, such as hive management, harvesting, and processing honey. Highlight the eco-friendly and sustainable components of honey making.



Source: Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

Set up a network library that gives various series of books, magazines, and digital sources. Partner with schools and local corporations to promote analyzing lifestyles and host activities to engage readers.

Discuss the importance of community libraries in fostering a reading-dependence and information-sharing way of life. Detail the procedure of curating a group of books that cater to extraordinary age companies and interests. Emphasize the effect of libraries on kids’ education and intellectual development.

Tea Vendor

Tea is India’s favorite beverage, and putting in a tea merchandising cart may be a profitable project. Offer a whole lot of teas and innovative blends to cater to one-of-a-kind tastes. Choose strategic locations, consisting of busy marketplaces or close to workplace complexes.

Explain the cultural importance of tea in India and the developing recognition of tea variants. Share tips on sourcing the best tea leaves, creating attractive tea blends, and imparting great customer service. Offer techniques to stand out from the competition within the especially aggressive tea marketplace

Web Design

With the growing demand for websites, beginning an internet design business may be a wise choice. Acquire the necessary abilities or collaborate with proficient designers to offer internet development and design services to companies and individuals.

Highlight the importance of an online presence for organizations and experts. Describe the manner of putting in a web design business, from developing a portfolio to marketing offerings effectively. Provide insights into building lengthy-time period relationships with customers via ongoing guide and upkeep offerings.

YouTube Channel

Leverage the power of video content material by beginning a YouTube channel. Identify your area of interest, create attractive content, and optimize your videos to seek engine visibility. Monetize your channel thru ads, backed content material, and associate advertising.

Explain the exponential growth of YouTube as a platform for content consumption and enjoyment. Offer tips on identifying goal audiences, planning content thoughts, and constantly importing high-quality films. Mention diverse monetization strategies and the significance of engaging with subscribers.


Indulge in your passion for baking by starting a pottery business. Offer a whole lot of baked goods, including desserts, cupcakes, and cookies. Participate in neighborhood events and construct a loyal patron base thru phrase-of-mouth referrals.

Explain the appeal of home-baked sweets and the way a pottery business can cater to niche celebrations and customized activities. Offer steerage on pricing, packaging, and branding to create appealing and memorable pottery enjoy for clients.


If you’ve got a knack for creativity, keep in mind starting a designing commercial enterprise. Offer image layout, emblem creation, or interior design offerings to individuals and agencies. Create a sturdy online portfolio to exhibit your competencies and appeal to customers.

Describe the call for design services throughout various industries, from startups to mounted companies. Guide readers on building an expert portfolio that highlights their strengths and showcases a various range of layout initiatives. Provide insights on advertising strategies to reach capability clients.

Chips Making Factory

chips making factory

Source: Photo by Negar Mz on Unsplash

Everybody loves an excellent snack, and setting up a chips-making manufacturing unit can be a scrumptious business idea. Experiment with specific flavors and element combos to create an impossible-to-resist range of crispy snacks. Invest in first-rate food processing gadgets to make sure consistency and efficiency. Adhere to strict hygiene standards to keep the product pleasant. Establish distribution channels via local grocery stores, supermarkets, and online platforms. Promote your chips thru appealing packaging and modern advertising campaigns. Offer sample packs at some stage in promotional occasions to inspire clients to strive for your flavors.


As you may see, beginning a small enterprise in India doesn’t constantly demand a hefty investment. With willpower, creativity, and determination, you may flip your ardor into earnings with those 15 small business thoughts under 50,000 INR. Whether it’s the attractive flavors of pickle making, the innovative attraction of handmade garments, or the tech-savvy global of net layout, there’s a super commercial enterprise concept watching for you. Remember to conduct thorough market studies, create a sturdy marketing strategy, and leverage the energy of digital systems to attain your target market. The entrepreneurial journey may additionally have its challenges, but with the right method and resolution, fulfillment is just a few steps away. So, take the bounce and include your entrepreneurial spirit to carve your direction to fulfillment within the dynamic landscape of small corporations in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Question: What are some low-cost small business ideas in India?

Answer: Starting a freelancing business, setting up a neighborhood food stand, founding an online store, providing tutoring services, or establishing a small manufacturing facility are some examples of low-cost small business ideas in India.

Question: Which small business ideas are suitable for beginners in India?

Answer: Starting a small catering company, opening a home-based bakery, providing digital marketing services, opening a small apparel store, or working as a local tour guide are all good small business ideas for beginners in India.

Question: What are the most profitable small business ideas in India?

Answer: developing a medical practice or pharmacy, developing a specialized e-commerce site for specialty goods, providing mobile app development services, establishing a renewable energy consultancy, or beginning a digital marketing firm are some of the most lucrative small business concepts in India.

Question: What unique small business ideas can stand out in India?

Answer: Consider beginning a personalized gift store, providing eco-friendly goods or services, starting a mobile repair and customizing company, opening a specialized tea or coffee shop, or operating a pet grooming and daycare facility if you want to stand out in India.

Question: How can I get funding for my small business idea in India?

Answer: Small company concepts in India have access to a variety of funding choices. You may look at choices like asking banks for business loans, requesting assistance from government programs and grants, locating angel investors or venture capitalists, or even taking into account crowdfunding sites to raise money for your project.

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